Monday, October 16, 2006

Former Pirate Goings-On

Oliver Perez pitches his way into the record books: his start last night for the Mets made him the pitcher with the highest-ever ERA (6.55) to start a playoff game.

And he won, too! Despite giving up 5 runs off 9 hits (including 3 home runs) in under six innings. Yep, same old Oliver Perez.

If you want to know how bad the Mets' pitching situation has gotten, consider that for Game Three of the NLCS, they had to decide between starting Perez and fellow former Pirate Dave Williams. This is the kind of decision you want to have to make if it's March 2005 and you're trying to lose 95 games in the NL Central. Geez, just invite Mark Redman and Kip Wells and you can really get the party started.

Obviously the happier Pirates-related playoff rooting still involves the Tigers' coaching staff. I'm really pulling for them now.


Blogger Nate said...

Yeah, I had similar thoughts (with less specicifity about other Pirates pitching alums though) when I was watching Ollie Perez on the TV, flipping between him and whatever the hell the late football game was before I dozed off. It helps that the Mets have enough offense that Perez giving up 5 runs in less than 6 innings isn't a kiss of death, but it bodes ill for their continued postseason prospects that he's appearing for them at all. Maybe they can just transplant one of his leg muscles into Pedro really quick.

I'm finding I have a lot of trouble rooting against the Tigers, or not mentally referring to them as the Crypto-Pirates, given Leyland and his coaching staff. Just seeing Andy Van Slyke in uniform out there is still enough to win my allegiance, and there's something pleasantly odd about hearing the color commentator cite Don Slaught as a source of batting wisdom. As much as I'd like to see the NL get some World Series mojo back one of these years, I have no love for the Cardinals, and the "Muck the Fets" buttons I recall some non-family-friendly fans wearing to Three Rivers in September back when Leyland & Co. were the real Pirates remind me what side my bread's buttered on as far as New York is concerned...

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