Monday, January 01, 2007

If You're Not Part of the Resolution You're Part of the Problem

As long as I'm writing these down, I may as well put them on the blog:

1. Find chamber music partner(s), begin playing again.

2. Begin composing again, even in whatever limited or small capacity.

3. Set goals at work for training up to higher level editing. Keep better tabs on how I'm advancing along that learning curve.

4. Cook at least once a week. Cook something new from a recipe at least once a month.

5. Start actively dating.

6. Do something unusual, or at least interesting, or at least savor some kind of interesting observation, at least once every day and then write it down so I don't forget it.

7. Read the three books in Richard Ford's "Sportswriter" trilogy.

8. Hold social events in apartment. Bring apartment up to standard befitting social events, furniture- and decoration-wise.

9. Open mail as it comes in; do dishes as they get dirty.

I feel like I should have a tenth, for round numbers' sake. Suggestions welcome.

I was in NYC Friday and had dinner with Mandy, and she showed me her 2006 day planner, which still had my resolutions from last year written in it. (I think I wrote them down when we were on the subway coming home from something or other.) Many of them are recycled above.

I did come through on my biggest resolution from last year, finding a new job. The one I muffed the most was probably "Spend more date nights and quality time with Mandy," which came out more like "Break up with Mandy and move to a different city." At least we're in a good place with it.


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