Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'd Post More, But My Allergies Keep Me Unhomed

With only an hour everyday for public library internetting, most of which time is devoted to looking at pages of people who maybe just maybe will actually email me back about the possibly of my paying them money to sleep on the floor of an empty room on their house, I just don't have the time to read all these damn posts by the twins. I feel bad about this. But so far as I can tell, Jack likes music, Nate likes music, and that is great.

Everyone in Portland has a pet. It's crazy. Everyone. Uncalled for, really.

Also, you may think that people in Portland are like, liberal, or hippies, or eco-conscious, but all the American bourgieousie out here still want their paper bags (that's right, they don't use reusable canvas bags any more than the bourgiouse in any of America's other cities) to be doubled for no good reason.

Paper bags dry out my fingertips, causing the skin to crack and for my poor brain to constantly be distracted by the pain that those stupid nerves down there won't shut up about.

2-minute warning.

Anywho, at some point, once I have more time, or am less rushed by looking for an abode, I will be back to my usual level of blogparticipation. Or maybe a whole new level of participation.

I hear the Oregon Sympony these days is better than ever.


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