Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sick Day, Part Deux

Aaand we're still at home, having still felt pretty crappy upon waking up.

Here's an article in Slate about Sysco, the gigantic food wholesaler I'm sure you'll remember from the ubiquitous cans & packages of things at scout camp. Turns out they've got their tentacles everywhere, though it's not made out to be a cause for too much alarm. OK, so some uppity-crust restaurants are successfully passing off Sysco cakes as expensive homemade desserts. This is, I think, more amusing than disturbing. Passing off reconglomerated chicken "breasts," maybe less so.

In other low-energy entertainment news, I challenge you to find a more addictive Slovenian-made internet game than Line Rider. Poor little sleddy guy, always suffering for my inability to judge where lines should go.


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