Monday, May 28, 2007

Candlepin Bowling is Superior to Regular Bowling for the Following Reasons

Reason #1. No one I know is particularly good at candlepin bowling. It’s extremely difficult to be any good at candlepin bowling, and this levels the playing field. If you lose, you’re not losing by 80 or 100 points like you do in bowling. If you do badly, you don’t have to think “Gee, I’m a bad bowler,” but rather “Well, that’s candlepin for you.”

Reason #2. You get three throws per frame, instead of two. This is like getting a mulligan every time, and when you zip throw #2 into the gutter, you don’t have to swear at yourself under your breath as much, because you can make up for it immediately. Technically your expectations might be able to rise with three throws per frame instead of two, but, again, I would refer you to Reason #1.

Reason #3. Candlepin bowling balls are all identical, and they don’t have finger holes. And with that, the aggravation of trying to find a satisfactory alley ball disappears entirely.

Reason #4. Something regional is inherently more interesting than something found everywhere. Although I do wish you could find candlepin bowling in Connecticut.


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