Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

I ran out first thing this morning to get a new smell phone, having woken to find that the buttons on my now-replaced smell phone had mysteriously stopped working, motivated to act so swiftly (actually I've been putting off getting a new smell phone since September, when my previous plan/phone hit their two year mark and the end-of-contract-new-phone times that such anniversaries always bring ("always" maybe overstates it; this is only the second new phone I've gotten, since my initial jump to smellular telephony)) by the vague notion that maybe a potential employer would, like, call me and, like, I'd need to be able to answer. I switched back to Verizon, from my previous "The New" AT&T via Cingular, though I think my savings in this switch are negligible (maybe 5-7 dollars cheaper, but that comes more from not signing up for a text message plan--that's right, I'm going back of txt messaging, until further notice (until I get so many SMS messages that it seems cost effective enough to pay extra for it (only time it was ever really cost effective was in Portland, where the hip kids were texting all the time, and maybe during Steelers season, depending on how much the inter-brother message sending continues in the '09 season))), which, I suppose, is the reason why I waited until my phone actually broke before getting a new one.

Luckily, though, the ad-wizards at Verizon were able to get my old address book of my old phone, despite its unbuttonablity, so I don't have to do any of the contacting people to re-get their phone numbers thing (a right of passage in this smeullular world that I have still managed to avoid, thank goodness). I don't like to shop, so that's probably part of the delay as well, but I think this is the kind of scenario where I'm at my best (not that I'm ever particularly anti-social, and even if I was, working in retail so long, for a company that commanded cheeriness, certainly changed me forever in that regard), where I can, having only just gotten out of bed (it was, like 11:15 AM, so I suppose the nice woman who helped me wouldn'tve guessed I'd only been awake for maybe forty minutes--I'm still trying to scale back my time of waking-up, after the debacle in sleep behavior that was my past semester, managing to get up at 9:30ish yesterday, but relapsing by an hour today, with the eventual hope of actually getting up, like, early every day (and maybe even, one day, have a job to go to)) go into a store and request their cheapest product with their cheapest usage plan. The saleswoman was even able to guess that I didn't need the car charging adapter. Pretty sweet.

So now I have a new phone, and lost all the sweet-ass pictures I had on my last phone. Which is too bad. I had a bunch of pictures of postcards I'd painted, and waterfalls in Oregon on there that I never figured out how to get off the phone. O well. Serves me right for ever becoming attached the the camera phone thing in the first place. Though now that I look at it, the new phone was a camera too, and probably newer technology which could blast those pictures all over the place, for some not-nominal fee. Not that I would want to do that , anyway. Really, I don't want a phone at all. If it were at all practical, I'd get rid of the thing and switch back to a landline. Which is maybe practical, cause it would be way cheaper. And I'd probably get one of those pay-as-you go phones to still maintain the portable telephony. Is it really worth it, to pay all this money when it seems like the only reason I'm doing it is just to keep the same phone number I've had since 2004?


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