Monday, June 22, 2009

Too Cloudy to Notice the Solstice

Totally missed it this year. These longest days of '09 are mostly obscured with some combination of clouds and rain, and they have been, more on than off, for two weeks now. I can't quite countenance actually complaining about non-disastrous weather, but, you know, I'm just registering the observation. Maybe things will eventually clear up as the planet begins to tilt back to where it was.

Every time there's a solstice I'm reminded of Pete's suggested reconstruction of the calendar from a couple of years back. I guess I'm not great at noticing Warm New Year's, either, although the last couple of years I've generally been too busy mulling over turning almost 30.


Blogger nate said...

Why would you be mulling like that? You can't be almost 30, because that would mean I would be... oh wait...

I actually wouldn't say closing in on 30 has given me any occasion for thought at all on New Year's, though that may just because the past couple of New Year'ses have somehow introduced this ritual where I eat too much Spanish food in McMinnville, Oregon and fall asleep without any self evaluation before midnight.

6/22/2009 9:25 PM  

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