Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hockeytown, South Florida

I went with a friend to see the Penguins play last night here in South Florida. It was nice to see a Pittsburgh sports team that was able to pull out a victory (3-2, in OT) in the final minutes of the game despite missing several key defensemen. But fun in general to go see the Pens play. The arena was crowded, but far from sold out (typical for the generally disinterested in all professional sports South Floridians (though I guess the Dolphins are selling out no problem this year)), and there were a fair number of Penguins fans there, many in jerseys and gear (I considered wearing my (mine only through proactive hand-me-downing) "Killer Bs of the 'Burgh" shirt, in some kind of Pittsburgh sports camaraderie, but thought better of it at the last second--I was still wearing the Pirates cap I wear most every day, so I had something going for me, anyway).

It is pretty fun to be an out-of-towner and then show up for an event where a bunch of other out-of-towners of a similar inclination all show up. And it was my first time seeing Sidney Crosby playing in person, and that was fun too. Hockey is a good sport to watch live; quick paced, easy enough to follow. With the occasional hard hit and a fight here and there. Good times. Hooray sports!


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