Sunday, December 06, 2009

Raiders 27, Steelers 24

Until now I've thought we were having a 2007-style season, not a 2006-style season. But the evidence is really starting to pile up.

Watching the Steelers maintain a 10–6 lead against a bad team for the entire third quarter produces a very familiar sinking feeling. And you really felt the ground shift as that quarter ended when Tomlin decided to attempt a 53-yard field goal (wide left -- how is this at all a good idea at Heinz Field?), after which the Raiders ground six minutes off the clock on a 60-yard touchdown drive. And then a whole lot of crazy.

Something is badly wrong with the secondary now, and it sure seems deeper than "Polamalu hurt."

That'll just about do in the season, not like you'd want to watch them playing like this in January. But hey, on the plus side, with Anthony Madison back the kick coverage looks OK.

Man, remember this time last year?


Blogger Don said...

I found myself wishing that there was a button on the TiVo remote that I could use to make Ike Taylor run stadiums after the game.

12/07/2009 1:44 PM  

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