Monday, December 21, 2009

Steelers 37, Packers 36

Stu and I watched this one at the Steelers bar in Fairfield, called "Skybox," which has the advantage of being just a few steps from a Metro North stop. They hadn't drawn much of a crowd, since the game was on local TV, and the folks who were there had understandably fallen into the weary agitation that suits the fourth quarter this year. We both had our coats on at 4th and 7 with a minute left, but Ben hit Holmes for 20 yards or so, and maybe you remember how everything went from there. Big Heath Miller, apparent interception called back by penalty, Ben barely escaping a sack that would have run the clock out at about :25 left, and that pretty toss to Wallace with no time left. Yep, that'll win you a football game.

Stu and I ended up waiting for a delayed train on the Metro North platform for about 40 minutes afterward, weathering the frigid evening and watching the Acela trains churn up a cloud of tiny ice particles from the tracks as they shot past. It's good to have some Steelers-related disbelief to go along with the pre-holiday December weariness.

Thirty-seven to thirty-six? Botched surprise onside kick? What the hell??


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