Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Forty Ouncers are the Tailgate Bowl VI Champions!

It's official: I'm my fantasy football league's 2009 League Champion. This means that the league trophy which I co-designed with my good friend Zac way back in 2004 will finally be in my hands again (once the trophy is engraved and gets to me I'll get some pictures up here of it).

This also means that once I get my winnings, I'll have be up, money-wise, for at least the next two or three seasons, which is nice (keeping the whole thing account-neutral takes the edge off my more usual losing seasons (though I did come in second in this league as well once upon a time)).

You may be thinking that now you should ask me, or come to of mild interest next year during football season (because football season is over now (at least for of mild interest)), for, like tips and advice and stuff. But I'll go ahead and share my secret:

I had the fewest points-against in my entire league. That's all it took, was for every other team that I went up against to do their worst against me. Though, during the playoffs, my team scored the second-highest total points each round overall, so I finished strong as well.

I ride in the front seat today!


Blogger Jack said...

Your secret is too self-deprecating! I'm sure your guys just wanted it more. And that's probably because you established a culture of winning in the clubhouse.

1/07/2010 8:42 PM  

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