Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ravens 33, Patriots 14

There are very few circumstances where I'll end up cheering for the Ravens. Actually, today may have been the first time. But I am more than happy to watch them embarrass Tom Brady to the tune of 17 first-quarter points off turnovers.

To the Steelers, the Ravens are like the spy-movie villain who meets the hero in a dark alley and gives the speech that goes, "You see, you and I are not so different after all . . ." I think they deserve our respect, even if they are a bunch of thugs. Meanwhile, the Patriots are obviously just obnoxious. So it's not hard to decide to to pull for.

My friend Andy drove in from Danbury and we watched the game at local bar/grill Archie Moore's, which is hard to beat for neighborhood beer-drinking comfort. There were a surprising number of people there cheering for the Ravens! Maybe it was just harder to identify Pats fans since they had very little to get vocal about. Andy, for his part, is from Buffalo, so he didn't have much difficulty cheering against the Patriots.

All that said, I probably won't mind seeing the Colts put down the Ravens next week. You don't want your nemesis getting too strong, and anyway I can never seem to work up any serious dislike of Peyton Manning.


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