Sunday, August 08, 2010

Just Soundward of Darien

Here, today, is a perfect day for kayaking in the Long Island Sound, bright and hot. Connecticut may be at its best when you can get into the Sound. I took the train up from NYC to Stamford, where Stu moved earlier in the summer, and a short drive later we met our three other companions in Rowayton, a tony community just south of Darien. I think both count as greater Norwalk? My Connecticut geography gets pretty fuzzy outside of New Haven.

In any case, it's a simple proposition of renting kayaks, paddling out about an hour and back, observing terns and boats and expansive villa-like homes on the waterfront. It's good material to work with in August, and a fair amount of exercise too. Afterwards we had lunch at a luncheonette in Darien proper, a town awash in the cash-flush cuteness of the southwestern part of the state.

I should stop taking it for granted that there's good waterfront stuff to do near where I live. It's definitely a strong suit of the state.


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