Monday, September 27, 2010

Come On and Join Our Convoy

With that 79-yard Brett Keisel return yesterday, the Steelers currently have four linebackers and a defensive end on the team who've run back ridiculously long turnovers in the past couple of years. Huge Guys Rumbling All the Way Across the Field for Touchdowns isn't an official stat or anything, but I suspect the Steelers lead the NFL in it. So let's pick up a couple of lead blockers and barrel down memory lane!

In chronological order:

11/30/2008. Well, OK, this one doesn't technically count, but Lawrence Timmons snatches a Matt Cassel pass in New England and runs it from the 10 to about a foot shy of the other end zone. I still want to feel generous and figure that the call could easily have gone the other way. Not quite enough gas in the tank for Timmons. I think if he ever manages to get another one of those, he takes it the whole way. (Bonus footage: watch Gary Russell punch in the touchdown, then celebrate with fellow Super Bowl champions Matthew Spaeth, Carey Davis, and Sean McHugh.)

2/1/2009. You may remember this one. As James Farrior so eloquently pronounced it, "BEST M[-----------]G RUNBACK IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY."

10/25/2009. Remember last season how the defense was constantly taking games into the 4th quarter and winning them with near-miraculous clutch plays? No? You are correct, they did not do that at all. Except that one week against the Vikings, when Lamarr Woodley and Keyaron Fox each returned a ball about 80 yards within the last 6 minutes of the game.

9/26/2010. Yeah Keisel.

That's all . . . for now. I'm kind of hoping Farrior manages to come up with one of these, and/or that Timmons gets another crack at one. Watching the front 7 squash guys every week is entertaining enough, but the big plays will really get things rocking.


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