Friday, August 13, 2010

so much in the fighter zone

The second and final part of "Super Foot to Head" here. Part one here. Something of an explanation from me here.

An excerpt from the thrilling conclusion:

I CHALLENGE YOUR BOSS, i exclaimed. as he emerged from the shadows of an alley i could recognize The Chief because he was so many feet taller than the rest of the toughs. he had war tattoos all over his face and he was carrying a weapon that only a dungeons and dragons freak would know what it was, it was like an axe head at the end of a long pole. he took off a ceremonial ninja star from a chain around his neck and threw it fast at my arm, where it shattered my japanese watch. YOU MOTHERFUDGER, i shouted at him, not like i was losing it but just real cold, YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH ITS ON.


Blogger Pete said...

I'm like Bart Simpson and his swearing key-chain with this story, Nate. Seriously.

8/13/2010 6:13 PM  

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