Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK! So, it's been a while. My home Internet connection was suffering from some technical difficulties there, on account of my downstairs neighbors moving away and I was mooching off their unsecured wireless for the last 18 months. However! I've rejoined the late 1990s and have my own proprietary wireless (christened "Dr. Netgood," and secured to ward off any potential moochers), having set aside Sunday afternoon to listen to the Broncos/Ravens game on the radio and make chili and wait for the Comcast guy to show up an hour after the 3-hour window had ended and say he had to come back the next morning at 7 because he didn't have the right kind of modem with him. Hooray Internet!

This also means my wireless is stronger than it was before and, therefore, once again I can play Dr. Mario against anyone who also has a Wii, so, consider that an invitation. Better than my girlfriend kicking my ass in Wii boxing again, anyway.


Blogger madeleine said...

mwahahaha success!!!

10/18/2010 5:55 PM  

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