Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Kind of Blogger That Jack Could Have Been

See, part of the problem with restarting a blog is that I'm not used to checking it frequently, so then Henry posts something eleven days ago that I didn't notice till now. Anyway, I think I successfully changed my Blogger settings so it'll email me when there's a new post. Never too late to figure out how to optimize your Blogger settings! Next I'll learn how to program my TiVo to record 30 Rock.

I'll reserve commentary about my parallel-universe musicianship, or what I once might have been being when I would have grown up. Partly since it's nighttime and I don't have the energy for introspection, and partly since I never liked navel-gazing on the Internet, blog or no blog.

Instead, apropos of nothing, here's the most interesting thing I read in the Sunday paper this morning, a column by a writer named Meghan Daum about a near-death experience and her sense that no real meaning came out of it. That description makes it sound bleaker than it is. Strikes me as very honest, and in an appealingly humble, agnostic tone.

The Sunday paper is the only one we get delivered. Makes for a nice Sunday morning routine. Maddie and I drink our coffee and read the Social Q's out loud to each other, and I'll skim over the book review while she browses the wedding announcements.


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