Monday, October 20, 2014

A Boy Named Araby

I know you've rushed back here for my already eagerly anticipated post about post-black-metal, but that's something, let's admit it, that I'm still working up to--that I need the time to get ready to write it as much as you need the time to get ready to read it. Since it's been months, and I mean months, since I've much flexed my cultural-critical muscles.

Preamble strikes me as of utmost importance to my ability to link sentences into things like paragraphs, emails, blog posts, screeds, overly long bathroom stall graffiti, etc. I've been known to write entire letters about the fact that I am writing a letter. There are a lot of details to cover. Is it stalling? I don't think so... certainly, in some contexts, that must be what's afoot -- like here, where I've resuscitated a left-for-dead textuo-collaborative effort and am, like, scared to actually write the first post that I wanted to get to in the first place.

Or! fear is a primary motivator for my language-using self (let alone my not-language-using-person-complex. ("Fear is [my] only God, nah, fuck it, turn it off again[?]")) So that this and many other non-utilitarian writings are an attempt to capitalize--or at least to eek some good out of--my generally fucked up mess of a fight-or-flight reflex (more accurately, my flight-or-more-flight reflex)? Which, were it a deep insight I've just shared of myself, I'd be, like, "Hey, man, that's, like, totally not blog-worthy!" but instead I'm, like, "Hey, internet (or, as of this writing, 'Hey, mom,'), check out my awesome preamble? Isn't it rad? Fucking Araby at the fair, am I right?

I don't want to be a scaredy-pants, especially in such a public forum. So maybe I should get over myself, as enjoyable as this is and/or might or might not be...

Two bands, neither exactly topical, except that they've been on tour together this year: Liturgy and deafheaven. Just in case you haven't been believing me so far about their listenablility, please review the following, and I'll follow up, like, really soon, to get to the point about both of them that I've been meaning to get to for a couple of weeks now:


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