Monday, November 06, 2006

Odds + Ends

Don't forget to vote! Here's hoping that positive-looking polls don't portend Democratic failure this time, unlike last time or the time before that. I'd stop paying attention to these damn polls, but my only method of workplace procrastination is reading political blogs . . . My brand new towels from Target are already blotchy and discolored. I'm not complaining, just recommending that you not buy towels at Target
. . . When Santonio Holmes was arrested this summer for beating up on an old girlfriend, I wondered how I would be able to cheer for him come gametime. The problem seems to be solving itself . . . Do all Coldplay songs have that gauzy synthesizer aura clinging to them, or just Speed of Sound? I am alarmed: I thought these musical synth-auras were dispelled twenty years ago. Those who do not remember the 80s are condemned to repeat them . . . I stopped watching Family Guy several months ago and my life has gotten neither better nor worse for it . . . Is there a reason people at university gymnasiums are more willing to walk around the locker room completely naked than people at commercial gymnasiums? I'm guessing that obscure sociological factors are at work, or possibly just that it's less crowded . . . There's a massive entertainment complex being built at the Meadowlands in New Jersey; it's called Xanadu. The name sorely lacks any kind of post-Citizen Kane irony: I think at the very least they should equip their domed ski slope with a giant sign that says "No Sledding."


Blogger Pete said...

I had absolutely no respect for Radiohead (I still don't have much) until I heard Coldplay.

11/07/2006 1:05 AM  

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