Sunday, November 19, 2006

This Concludes Our Ivy League Wannabe Road Trip

Back in New Haven after a weekend spent entirely in Cambridge, Mass. Al and I saw the Yale/Harvard football game on Saturday, though we left early in the fourth quarter when it stopped looking like competitive football. It's a beautiful stadium up there, though, a horseshoe-shaped concrete colliseum with columns in all the right places.

The Ivies don't play particularly compelling football anymore, and it seems to fall into the "Something to Cheer For" category for the fans. My side (i.e. the side indirectly responsible for cutting my paychecks) won pretty handily.

I went with Al to the Harvard Business School tailgate beforehand, at the muddy end of an adjacent athletic field, to wallflower among his classmates & drink Heineken beer out of disposable plastic mugs branded with Lehman Brothers logos.*

Elsewhere in Cambridge, some much-needed catching up with a couple of other peripheral college friends; picking over the discounted remnants of the Tower Records classical section (Alberto Ginastera's Harp Concerto? chamber music of Silvestre Revueltas? who can leave this stuff behind??); and the continuing appreciation, trite but satisfying, of this year's quiet glide from autumn to winter.

And the new Bond movie: highly recommended. A bit long but it kicks ass, and Daniel Craig is great. (Anything else I could say about the movie wouldn't match the opening gambit from Dana Stevens's review, though.)

Oh, and a surprisingly satisfactory Greyhound bus ride home, too. Didn't see that one coming.

*[Dennis Hopper voice] "Lehman Brothers?! Fuck that shit! J. P. Morgan!!!"


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