Thursday, November 09, 2006

How Do You Like Dem Apples

All right, three cheers for James H. Jim! Good to know that my fears for the worst were finally unjustified this time. Anyway, the important thing is that America's unfixable problems are back in Democratic hands.

Part of me still nurses an irrational fear that Bush & Lieberman are going to collude on some kind of political appointment, leaving Connecticut's Republican governor (Jodi Rell, just re-elected) to appoint a new Senator & tip the balance back 50–50. In real life I'm sure this is all kinds of unlikely. It was my first thought after I heard about Rumsfeld resigning, though—Christ, it won't be Lieberman, will it?! Oh no, it's a gadget play!!!—but, thankfully, it's just one of Bush Sr.'s dudes. On one hand, Iran-Contra; on the other hand, Not Lieberman. Okey dokey.

Meanwhile, parts of the lefty blogosphere link to Bill O'Reilly's well-reasoned Iraq commentary:
I think the Iraqis have got to step up and at least try to fight for their democracy, instead of being this crazy country of Shiia against Sunni—I don’t ever want to hear Shiia and Sunni again.
Problem solved! Someone should sit O'Reilly down with India and Pakistan and let him bust heads till they realize they're all just Asians.

The Onion doesn't have much election commentary yet but they did run an editing joke.


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