Sunday, December 03, 2006

Odds "N" Ends "R" Us

It's Christmas shopping season! Who wants books? . . . I'm happy to see that there's a Connecticut version of the shirtless firefighter calendars that were sold everywhere in New York City. I don't have much use for these myself, but I'm glad that America's love affair with its civic heroes extends into the realm of shameless beefcake. . . . I still can't believe how good the Pixar Cars movie was! Part of my brain still lights up all happy when I think about it. Yay, talking cars movie! . . . Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians is a satisfying soundtrack for cleaning your shower. That and the first half of John Adams's Shaker Loops. Yes, that's like seventy minutes of music. It's been a while since I cleaned the shower. . . . Harpoon's Winter Warmer beer is spiced to taste remarkably like gingerbread. It's like being home for Christmas, except your family isn't around and you slowly get drunk. Heartwarming! . . . The University offers a weekend shuttle-on-demand service within town, which is free and convenient. Unfortunately you have to confront the idea that you're grown up but getting around in what's essentially a short bus. I kind of wish they didn't call it the "Handi-Van" service. . . . The weather is still unbelievably nice here, though I'm not sure what we'll pick up from the nasty front that's been crossing the Midwest this week. Maybe we'll get one of those classic Connecticut ice storms, the kind that tears the facade from the 1970s suburban American ideal and forces Kevin Kline to face uncomfortable truths about his life and family.


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