Monday, January 22, 2007

Dept. of Entertaining Vowel Combinations

See, this is the sort of thing I just find unaccountably interesting: if you capitalize a Dutch word that starts with their "ij" vowel, you capitalize both the i and the j. For an example, refer to "Fast Eddy" van IJzendoorn, the Dutch professional cyclist.

I learned this today from a manuscript that cited Fast Eddy for his work in the area of childhood psychoanalysis.

. . . Okay, it may have been a different van IJzendoorn, but don't rain on my parade here. I googled "IJzendoorn" to see if the capitalization pattern was legit, and Fast Eddy here was the first result. If you can find a better name than "Fast Eddy" van IJzendoorn, I want to hear it.

The other thing I love about Dutch is that it can sometimes come out understandable in English, as in the phrase "Welkom op de officiƫle website van Eddy van IJzendoorn."


Blogger Nate said...

"Professor Eddy" van IJzendoorn, Childhood Cycloanalyst. If I ever try to conquer the world by using some kind of satellite-mounted hypno-ray weapon that's totally the supervillain persona I'm going to adopt.

Knowing some German in addition to English makes Dutch look even more made up. I feel a little guilty about selling out my fractional Dutch heritage by saying so though.

1/22/2007 10:08 PM  

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