Tuesday, January 16, 2007


1. The doors to the university gymnasium locker rooms are locked with electronic combination keypads. Each keypad is in mint condition, except that the ink has worn out on the three numeric keys that correspond to the room number, posted on a placard directly above the keypad, and also the pound key. Someday I fear a crack team of hardened thieves might just bust this code.

2. Since I don't like getting sweaty with earphones on, I'm helpless against the gymnasium-grade music piped into the fitness center. Now and then a song will come on that's actually pretty good, like Money For Nothing, and then for five minutes, purely out of comparison, it's like Money For Nothing is the greatest song in the universe and you just didn't notice it till now.

3. Sometime last week this R&B song started up and I thought Shit, this is "My Humps," which I only heard once about eight months ago but can't get out of my head entirely even though I hate it. Then it turned out it wasn't "My Humps," so I'm doing the lower back machine and listening to this godawful song and thinking Man, I dodged a bullet there, I thought that was "My Humps."

4. I would like the gymnasium slightly less if it didn't look like some towering gothic ediface from the outside. I would like the gymnasium slightly better if there wasn't a highly visible tribute to former university athlete George H. W. Bush in one of the downstairs hallways.


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