Saturday, August 09, 2008

"Steve Pearce!"

Reading the Pirates recap tonight, I was reminded that I saw Steve Pearce hit a rather impressive home run for Altoona last summer when they were playing in New Britain. I didn't really know his name at the time so I didn't remark on it then; I was mostly keeping an eye out for probable soon-to-have-been-Pirates, but I think Pearce is the first position player to make it up.

I only have a vague memory of the home run, but it's surprisingly easy to look up year-old double-A baseball game recaps on The Internet, so I can confirm that it was in fact Steve Pearce. (From that same site: what the hell is up with the Altoona Curve's mascot? Is that seriously supposed to be a steam engine?)

"Steve Pearce!" should be shouted in the same manner as "Steve Holt!" from Arrested Development, along with the two-hand overhead fist pump.

That's probably all I've got to say about Steve Pearce.


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