Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bears 17, Steelers 14

Well, it wasn't Matt Capps' fault but the Steelers did lose to Chicago just now, 17 - 14 on a late Robbie Gould field goal after the usually reliable, paper-towel-dispenser-destroying Jeff Reed missed two attempts of his own in the game. My thoughts are about what they usually are after regular-season losses, i.e. blah; whatever; go get 'em next time. Someone should find a screen grab of Jeff Reed on the sideline from the CBS broadcast, though; he looks like he just accidentally killed a puppy.

Bright side: Kyle and I spent the afternoon eating homemade baba ganouj and baked brie with figs (all delicious) while she read the Internet and I yelled at the teevee for three hours. This turns out to be a surprisingly satisfying way to spend a Sunday afternoon as a couple.


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