Friday, September 11, 2009

Steelers 13, Titans 10

Pete's text message just now:
Good game, wards fumble aside. I made mistake of hosting poker during game- lost my money.
Nate and I can second most of that, although we were in Milford at the Seven Seas Inn, with Stu and Andrea, enjoying delicious lobster rolls and then gradually downing three pitchers of beer while the Steelers did what the Steelers did, which is to say winning in unnecessarily stressful style.

Oh, I'm happy that Hines Ward didn't have to see himself blow the game with a fumble. Let's hope Troy isn't too badly hurt, though. (How many one-armed interceptions can one man make in a career? Is there a record for that?) Other things I'm happy to see, in approximate order of importance:
1. Daniel Sepulveda landing a couple of punts inside the 10 -- viva la differance!

2. Aaron Smith blocking a field goal = awesome;

3. Stefan Logan running back the opening kickoff for more than 3 1/2 yards;

4. Keyaron Fox coming up with a heads-up fumble recovery and a couple of big tackles;

5. James Farrior notching the first big sack of the year, steaming up the middle to belt Kerry Collins;

6. The final big pass play going to the rookie, Mike Wallace, proudly wearing a number 17 that no longer belongs to Mitch Berger.
Now, all we need is a running game, and we're set for the repeat.

Nate and I are living it up in New Haven, by the way.


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