Monday, September 28, 2009

Double Bologna, Double Cheese, and an Egg... and a Diet Coke

My living-in-a-hole over the weekends method of existence certainly has its charms, since I was greeted today, having not been on the internet since Thursday afternoon, with a mountain of emails of varying degree of importance, and a mixed bag of things that I should at this point be taking care of. Hence the random-ish blog post, since I feel like my subconscious is still working out its game plan for how it is going to tackle the various tasks set before it for the afternoon. In fact, just now, I even wandered away, briefly, from writing this post. Time management, one assumes, is a learnable skill, but I don't think I've ever learned it. I do occasionally, when shit really hits the fan, make a list, thereby making it happen.

But no list today.

Part of my internet avoidance, which happens, really, during the week as well, since I'm in class Wednesday & Thursday evenings, starts Wednesday afternoons. Which means that I missed basically all of the coverage of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. I heard about some hippies dangling themselves off a bridge (excellent use of city landmarks for the purposes of global annoyance, there), but other than that, really heard nothing. I did read one article about Pittsburgh in the Washinton Post online, which was nice since one of my new colleagues down here is originally from Cleveland, so it's nice to be able to say to her "Ha, Pittsburgh's housing market is way more stable than the rest of the rust belt. Take that!" I also learned that Allegheny county is the second oldest-average-age county in the country, second only to Miami-Dade, which means that I have lived in the two oldest counties in the country. I have obviously done this because old women love my hair in a way that no other humans do (this marking the 1,064th post in with I've blogged about my own hair).

It was also a socially active weekend, though, and apparently most of my friends were following, at least to some extent, the G20 in Pittsburgh. Like, Saturday night, I was out getting tacos with a couple friends, when one of them said "Hey man, what's going on in Pittsburgh, with all those riots?!?" And I was like, "I dunno. We have riots all the time. Nothing special." Then I took a bite into my "vegetarian" taco, which turned out to be a fish taco, and, tasting that wrongness, immediately spat my not-shy bite back out into my hand, much to the dismay of my table-mates, though they were quickly understanding once they saw the error made by the well-meaning tacorista. Basically, a lesson in "this is what happens when Pete accidentally starts to consume meat." Which is interesting, since I'm mostly, hypothetically, a politico-intellectual vegetarian, so shouldn't necessarily be made sad about flesh being bitten into but not swallowed.

So, regardless of what went on in Pittsburgh, those protesters really should've focused their efforts against Primanti Brother's. Given all the studies about red meat and global warming, talk about environmentally unfriendly.


Blogger nate said...

I don't think I can let go a mention of fish tacos without linking to this old Weight Watchers recipe card, which despite its age in Internet years continues to be pretty funny to me. And its sister recipe has been a random link on the right sidebar of our blog for over three years!

I didn't follow the G-20 happenings in Pittsburgh closely at all (except as it touched on local sports happenings) but I hope that the few incidences of vandalism and minor shenanigans performed against the backdrop of an excessive police presence have helped to loosen the stranglehold of international corporate hegemony on the globe.

9/28/2009 8:53 PM  
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