Friday, September 25, 2009

Truth to Power!

Via all-purpose Pittsburgh sports blog Mondesi's House, here's a pretty great picture, made possible by the G-20 summit being held in Pittsburgh while the Pirates play their worst baseball in (literally) more than 100 years:

Yes, comrade! Stand up to our corporate fascist overlords! The world must learn the terrible truth about the Pittsburgh Pirates!

I'm particularly fond of the equine leavings visible in front of the riot cops: I've started listening to an audio edition of Bruce Weber's recent book about umpires, As They See 'Em, and in his introduction he lays out a definition and history of "horseshit" (perhaps with an unacknowledged debt to Harry Frankfurt) as a long-established, generic term of disparagement within professional baseball, indicating worthlessness or poor quality. As in, "That was a horseshit call, ump," or possibly "Selecting Bryan Bullington with the first overall pick was a horseshit draft strategy". So the literal stuff adds a whiff of symbolism to the photo.


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