Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Has It Been . . .

. . . like more than a month before I wrote anything about myself? Or maybe late August? Briefly:

Things are going fine! It's cold out but I've got an apple bread in the oven, thanks to the Mark Bittman vegetarian cookbook Nate got me for Christmas last year and a Macoun apple from the locally popular Lyman Orchards (up Durham way) where I went last with this gal Eva who I've been seeing some since middle September. The foliage is getting nice; we also found Millers Pond State Park, known to be in the area but on an unknown route, thanks to a gas station shop clerk near Middletown, who flagged us down a local guy in the parking lot before he drove off in his pickup. The guy seemed a little stoned but gave us his coffee-stained Middletown map. Hooray for ponds.

I have Spanish homework, since I'm auditing an introductory-level Spanish class at the university, conveniently located a block from the office. It's an every-morning 8:20 class, which is great for me because I can just shift my workday back by 45 minutes. I signed up for this on a whim at the end of August, deciding that I was tired of still only knowing one language. And it's a great university perk to be able to take a serious, pretty fast-paced language course. Entiendo solo un poco español, pero todos los días hablo y leo un poco más. I'd say where I'm hoping to go with this, but we haven't learned the subjunctive yet. At least it's a little new comprehension, and I feel like a better citizen of the western hemisphere.

A question on the exam we had last week asked "What do you prefer to do in Cancún?" And I know enough Spanish now to respond "I prefer to sit on the beach with a book and a few beers" (Prefiero sentarme en la playa con un libro y unas cervezas). So if nothing else I'm getting to the point where I can reveal extremely telling minor details about myself.

And yoga class started up again, so that's a couple evenings a week, and I'm doing the radio show Wednesday nights now (I will start writing about it again once I get my act together and the other half of my ass into the effort), so with cooking and dishwashing that's most of the workweek right there. It's good to feel comfortably busy.

Oh, and I went to Salt Lake City and to Ann Arbor, Michigan, too, for a pair of long weekends in the past month. Both fine places to see, plus good people I know are in them. And it really was good to have Nate visit up here, even if that was a month ago now. And as usual it seems like the year is speeding up and we're hurtling towards the holidays. But more later, before then, really this time.


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