Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's Cold Out There!

I had to (well didn't have to, but chose to) wear mittens today on my bicycle commute to school in order to keep my hands from freezing (feeling too cold). Mittens! As the kids on the internet say, WTF?!?

I talk about the weather fairly frequently, I think. Partially because it's generally safe small-talk, or, like, less annoying to me than some other variants of small talk (or all the pop-culture related small talk that I'm generally too clueless to make (not that I'm ever making all that much small talk; I don't mean to imply that)), partially because it's generally the one thing in Miami that I don't complain about. I mean, winters down here are wonderful.

But it's been colder this week during the day than it typically is at night. Which pretty much blows, especially when one has finally, while up north for the holiday season, allowed oneself to actually look forward to the warm weather. Though, of course, it is much warmer than Pittsburgh or New York was. I'm wearing a t-shirt, a rugby shirt, and a hoodie. Which is two layers less than the long-sleeve t-shirt, t-shirt, flannel shirt, hoodie, leather jacket (when outside) combo I sported up north.

It's going to warm up tomorrow, just in time to get even colder this weekend. At least it's cold everywhere.


Blogger Jack said...

Being a wuss while home for the holidays was acceptable, Pete, since it was actually cold outside. But when you're back in Florida? Come on, little bro.

1/07/2010 8:21 PM  

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