Sunday, October 17, 2010

Steelers 28, Browns 10

I'm not going to pretend it's not nice to watch Roethlisberger play again, no matter what kind of a dirtbag he's been and likely continues to be. If you want to sum up the difference, watch the Steelers start 1st and 10 at their own 2, and watch Ben drop back into the end zone, hang on to the ball a split second longer than it seems safe to, and hurl a pass 50 yards to Mike Wallace.

The three passing TDs -- to Wallace, Ward, and Miller -- each seemed typical to each of those guys. Thirty yards to Wallace, a step behind the secondary; a few yards to Ward, jockeying from the 4 to the goal line through a couple of different defenders; easy-looking throw to an open Miller, as sure a thing as you'd expect to see.

Most of this came in the 2nd half. At halftime it was 7 to 3 and looking like what Nate calls a "flow chart game," but even if Colt McCoy made a few plays happen it never felt like Cleveland had any kind of chance.

Go-figure sequence of the day:
--Sepulveda punts from midfield to about the 10, but the Steelers are called for illegal formation and the kick is repeated;
--Sepulveda punts a second time to about the 10, but the Steelers are called for offsides and the kick is repeated;
--Sepulveda punts a third time to about the 10, at which point the Browns receiver muffs the kick, leading to a Steelers recovery and shortly thereafter a touchdown run by Mendenhall.

Times like this is when it pays to play the Browns.

Josh Cribbs suffered a nasty-looking helmet-to-helmet hit from James Harrison partway through the first half (not intentional from the looks of it) and didn't return to the game. Hope he's okay, though I guess the worry's about the cumulative effect of all this.


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