Friday, March 18, 2011

Sloth Catching Is Not Without Its Risks

For a cheerful midday, pre-weekend news interlude, turn to this charming fieldwork description by animal sleep scientist Bryson Voirin. He doesn't get too far into the actual sleep science in this writeup (although he hints at its inexplicable nature), but the sloth-wrangling details are delightful. The sentence I borrowed for this post title is easily the best sentence I've read all week.

I don't have much of value to say about the troubling balance of what's in the news, other than that the Libya situation seems extremely difficult to grasp even by foreign-events standards, and that I never envisioned a nuclear meltdown crisis as stretching over days or weeks like this. I guess I've always assumed that nuclear accidents would be a matter of being caught off guard, rather than being unable to assert control over a gradually deteriorating situation. Humbling and kind of terrifying at the same time.

Anyway. Hey, 1300th blog post!


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