Friday, December 26, 2014

An Interlude

Since I've been criminally (okay, well, it's not a crime, but...) crappy at keeping up with my own intentions to keep the ol' blog rolling, I wanted to at least get something of a new post up here. I'm working on the final Deafheaven post to balance out the Liturgy things and bring this initial foray into post-black metal to a close. Since it's not, like, my favorite music, or even the favorite music of my youth, I thought I would provide some additional perspective, as usual, via embedded youtube videos. So what follow are a couple of videos of bands whose music actually meant a whole lot to me once upon a time, to help you hear (if you dare) what might be similar or different between them and the current mountains of noise that I'm currently interested in listening to and then thinking about.

City of Caterpillar -- perhaps the single most influential band on my own attempts to make serious guitar music

Io -- the best band in Pittsburgh when it mattered to me most