Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick, Before It's Not January Anymore!

I think this was a pretty solid month of blogging. I think Jack could have contributed more, especially with the snow days and all, but, as a pace-of-posting for a still relatively recently un-dead blog, really not too shabby. I remember talking to a member of our let's call it "inner circle" of brotherly acquaintances, in a conversation during which I was being my usual self-deprecating self, but she was, like, "you know, you guys are actually pretty funny," and I was like, "well, maybe..." And then I proceeded to post mostly intermittent posts about obscure sub-genres of music that mostly involves strumming electric guitars really fast and drumming as fast as you can and screaming. Riproariously funnny. Fuck yeah! I've got this weird innate competitiveness about me, which probably comes from being in a family that generally downplayed all non-word-game competitiveness. It leads, most often, to caring about things that really aren't--at least intellectually--worth caring about. So I am a rather predisposed, not only to analogy making, but also to ranking things. Which is me slowly beating around the bush in order to say: I think Nate is the funniest of the four of us. And he hasn't, like, posted at all since I breathed life back into this stumbling e-golem of a blog. WTF, Nate?


Blogger nate said...

Yeah, W indeed is TF? I think I was always one of the more intermittent mild-interesters here, though lately I think I mainly have to cop to being lazy about collecting my thoughts in a tighter format than intra-workday emails or twitters.

Need to be more better-er, for the new year plus one month...

2/03/2015 11:57 AM  

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