Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Black Metal Du Jour

I've never really cared about liking music that other people like, or would even want to like (that's not entirely true; I definitely had a last-gasping phase of trying to fit in with the other kids in senior high school, and owned, if never truly managing to like listening to, albums by Dave Matthews Band and Rusted Root (and let's never, ever, talk about Billy Joel)), and in fact often get accused of liking some music precisely (precisely) because it is hard to listen to and objectionable to most people.

That last sentiment (the one of the accusers above) is stupid. Meanwhile, I was reflecting to myself that once I (finally) got the blogging about them out of my system, both Liturgy and Deafheaven have kind of fallen off of my week-to-week playlist. They've been replaced, as it turns out, by more metal. More bands that I'm going to post videos of here, even though I can barely pretend that any of the scant readership that this blog has regained wants to hear it at all. Let's hear it for...


and Winterfylleth!

It helps to have a sense of humor about blast beat drumming. It really kinds of cracks me up, in a very I-am-entertained kind of way. Also, and I realize this doesn't help my (self-stoked) perception as a person who likes music that other people don't like, but it's pretty awesome to notice that the "views" counts for these bands is smaller than the previous posts' acts by at least an order of magnitude.

If you're wondering where the loss of audience comes from, I propose that it's the shift from the "post-black-metal" of Liturgy and Deafheaven to the "progressive black metal" of Cormorant and Winterfylleth. Remember that aging fat dude in sweatpants snatching up all the Jethro Tull coming in to the used record store every week? It's like that.