Sunday, December 03, 2006

Things on the TV that Start with 'F'

Since Washington is an NFC East city, Fox 5 is naturally running this afternoon's Giants-Cowboys game between that division's frontrunners rather than the almost completely inconsequential football on display in Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh. So I have that running in the background as I putter around the apartment... Not a terribly impressive game, but I sort of enjoy watching Dallas' young, newly-starting quarterback Tony Romo. In large part that's because his poise and potential has become every announcer's go-to point to blabber about during Cowboys games now that Terrell Owens has more or less stopped doing stuff, but another reason is his name reminds me of a joke from one of Futurama's more quotable episodes:

Hobo: Gus, old chum, let’s give a friendly welcome to this new robo.
Bender: What did you call me?!
Gus: A robo. You know? A robot hobo.
Bender: Oh, okay. I thought you said “romo”.

So whenever the Cowboys offense comes onto the field I step back at some point and say to myself, "Ha ha, Romo. I like cartoons with robots." It's also sort of fun to say "Romo, NO!..." in fake slo-mo whenever he does something wrong.

And thus does every post I write here add to an accretion of geekiness that I'll never wash off.


Blogger Jack said...

I guess there are worse things that start with "F" that you could be watching on TV.

I'd probably be open-minded towards homosexual robot quarterbacks. Can we find one who doesn't throw interceptions inside the 20?

12/03/2006 11:25 PM  

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