Monday, January 22, 2007

I.C. Wieners

Greater D.C. got a modest winter medley of light snow and freezing rain yesterday and last night, which slicked up the roads enough to cancel (among other functions) all Arlington County Public School services, including this evening's camera class. For good measure I worked from home for the better part of the morning -- mainly to let the untreated parking-lot slush between my parked car and the road melt off -- before driving the 15 or so miles out to the office. Snow day drives actually feel a lot safer than most fair-weather ones around here, since the roads are rarely bad compared to what you get most places north of the Mason-Dixon line and most of the would-be traffic just doesn't bother.

One open suggestion to the rest of NoVA commuterdom, though: How about brushing the ice off the roof of your car before getting on the highway? It is pretty neat to watch a sheet of frozen snow sluice off of your vehicle at 75 mph and explode in a festive white puff as it hits the pavement immediately in front of the car behind you, but it's not as much fun if you're in said car immediately behind. Not as though I'd expect drivers here to learn any kind of winter-weather driving etiquette, despite the fact that it does manage to snow here a few times every year, or indeed any kind of driving etiquette at all.


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