Thursday, January 04, 2007

In Non-Goat Related Local News...

...Looks like Bill Cowher is resigning from the Steelers for sure.

I also see that a Hyde Park steakhouse has opened on Pittsburgh's North Shore, between the stadia. I ate a few times at two of their Cleveland restaurants while assigned to an otherwise ill-fated travel project by my previous company, since it was a favorite of the two fellow consultants I was working with. The Post-Gazette's reviewer seems to have quibbles with the new Pittsburgh restaurant's atmosphere and service, but I liked their menu -- I'd recommend the bone-in filet mignon, rare, with as much of the total cost as possible defrayed by a corporate per diem allowance. Portions of lots of things were indeed startlingly ginormous. The "wedge" mentioned in the review was a favorite of one of my compadres, though since it is literally just a huge wedge of iceberg lettuce that somehow also incorporates bleu cheese dressing and bacon about the nicest thing I can call it is "Atkins-friendly". Also noted is their penchant for naming steaks after local sports heroes; I'm pretty sure the "Steak Lemieux" threatens to relocate to Kansas City unless it's served in a new restaurant facility containing a slots casino, but whatever. It should be worth a try the next time you're looking to spend a lot on red meat in Pittsburgh.


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