Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Would-be Pithy Post

This is a bit behind the times, but forgive me, as I was out of the country, and then out-and-about, and then swamped with quite a bit of work (have I mentioned this fact yet? I think I worked more hours in July and August this year then I worked in the entire year preceding that (that probably doesn't actually add up, since I was tutoring and teaching and certainly prone to complaining about those hours as well (what good is a job if we can't complain about it, right? (though, actually, I have no complaints about my still-only-just-finished "summer job" (actually, just had an insight here, I think I like single quotes because you can't air quote with single quotes - well, I suppose you could, but people don't (incidentally, Jack, did you actually post something about air quotes when we were looking at the Wikipedia entry for them back at the end of June? - the main point of contention re: wikipedia's version of the air quote is whether or not the Germans actually invert one of their hands when they air quote to match the printed version of their written marks. According to Hoyle, they do; according to my first hand experience of Germanyland (oh yeah!, somewhere around 4.5 or 4.6 months in total (I, like, totally went to college, I'm a God-damned expert)) they (all Germans everywhere always) don't)))), but I finally saw the movie WALL-E last night, and, yeah, it was really good. And I don't want to have children now or anything. Very well written, and obvious in it's needing-to-have-been-carefully-planned-and-written. Super.


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