Monday, August 25, 2008

Robots, Insects, and Garbage!

School starts today, so maybe I'll wind up being busier soon, but being back in Miami, where there really is not much to do if you're a lame-wad like myself, I've already seen a couple of movies since being back. Having already mentioned WALL-E, which, again, was quite good - especially the first half (which was really it's own story in of itself - I was quite impressed with the way that the atmosphere-building details of the first half, such as the explanations of WALL-E's desertion, serve as story-building details for the half of the movie that takes place in space - one of the subtler expositions of modern (family? (animated?)) cinema), I will also now mention Tropic Thunder, which I saw, literally because we couldn't think of anything better to do, back on Saturday night.

Eventually I will stop going to movies that are manufactured for mainstream audiences, but for the time-being, I'll go ahead and go on record as having been let-down once again by a mainstream comedy. Though Jack Black is hilarious in his role. He's usually pretty funny, that guy. I wasn't a fan of School of Rock, but then again I only watched about 10 minutes of it, so maybe he was good in that? It's too bad that Robert Downey Jr. was in blackface, since that seems to overshadow the few bits that are actually funny - again, mostly just Jack Black's character going through withdrawal from heroin. Steve Coogan is also pretty funny. These things, minus the Jack Black praising, you can probably read about or have already read about out there in corporate entertainment media land, so I probably don't really need to be writing this.

At least there's the new Coen brothers movie to look forward to (although it looks more unabashedly ensemble-casted then their normal work - though their films up to now have tended to be ensemble casts as well, they never seem to be that in essence (as opposed to, say, Wes Anderson's movies since Rushmore) - rather, movies that happen to have ensemble casts).

In other news, I signed a lease on a new apartment this morning, so hopefully I'll be all resettled in Miami soon enough, and immediately look forward to leaving again as soon as I can in December. Though when I was visiting my (our) parents in July I watched the Miami Vice movie they made a couple years ago, to try and get myself back in the mood for South Florida. I think it worked. Just need a couple of go-fast boats and an appearance from Ghost Dog's best friend to make this year in Miami way better than last year (when I was way to fixated on the original Miami Vice (having planned on arriving at my first workshop dressed like Don Johnson (which I didn't do, though I did mention it as a concept and got some good laughs from that))).


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