Sunday, December 07, 2008

Steelers 20, Cowboys 13


Did not see that one coming, either Ben's sudden clutch TD drive, or Townsend's interception return. My apartment neighbors must think I'm crazy now, following the amount of shouting my friend Andrea and I let loose with as that went down.

Pete called (in lieu of texting) after that play and just shouted "Holy fuck!!" Excitement ensued.

You gotta love this defense. Unfortunately I missed most of the first quarter (seeing a fortepiano recital with another friend at the university's Collection of Musical Instruments -- also quite satisfying, if less viscerally exciting) and thus did not see Polamalu's most recent interception. Ike Taylor's pick in the first half was a gem, too -- nice to see him actually grab something that well.
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Just because it's, you know, funny again, after they won this game, admire the bizarre sequence of events that produced the Steelers' field goal near the end of the second quarter tonight:

1.) Steelers have ball at their own 6; go 3 and out.
2.) Berger kicks awful 28-yard punt into the wind -- but a Dallas player kicks the ball ten yards upfield where Lawrence Timmons recovers it
3.) Steelers, now at their own 41, go 3 and out
4.) Berger punts 44 yards to Dallas 8; Romo's first play is the pass that Ike Taylor picks off nicely at the 22
5.) Steelers appear to go 3 and out, but Dallas is flagged for 12 men on the field
6.) Steelers, now at Dallas 10, go 3 and out
7.) Reed kicks 24-yard field goal

Basically this looks like an ugly parody of an actual offensive drive, if you add it all together.

The whole turnover-haunted first half of this game (3–3 at halftime) was kind of morbidly fascinating.


Blogger nate said...

Yeah, I was watching this one in my living room with Kyle (well, with Kyle present as she read the Internet on her laptop) while eating homemade wings, and I did a lot of jumping up and yelling around that Townsend interception ("All right! Go! Go! Go go! GO! WooooOOOOO!") Seventeen unanswered points with less than 7:30 to play; to quote Bill Murray in "Tootsie" somewhat out of context, that's one nutty hospital. Seems like in any given game the Steelers are good for one clutch offensive drive and thoroughly epic defense. I guess we'll see how far that takes them.

12/07/2008 8:20 PM  

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