Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All Your Ice are Belong to Us

The most memorable quotation from an AP piece about a global warming report:
Andrew Weaver, a Canadian climate scientist and study co-author, went even further: "This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a batallion of intergalactic smoking missiles."
Weaver went on to suggest that the only thing that can save Earth now is an elite squadron of giant robots piloted by teenaged Japanese girls. Or he would have if he weren't just using a striking but incoherent metaphor.

Processing information about climate change with any level of seriousness makes me feel tired and depressed.


Blogger Jack said...

"This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a field of huge fiery meteors hurtling unstoppably towards our globe."

"This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a horde of ravenous mechanical dingos with laser-beam eyeballs and a taste for meat."

"This isn't a smoking gun; climate is a mad genious of an immortal demon-god who awaits only the right time to impose his terrible will on mankind, and maybe he also lives in a volcano."

"This isn't a smoking gun; climate is an invading swarm of pod people replacing one by one the human denizens of Earth with soulless lookalikes, and you try to escape in your pickup truck or whatever at the end but it's not gonna work because everyone else is already pod people."

1/23/2007 11:08 PM  

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